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    Can I sell my house during the COVID-19 pandemic?

    Can I sell my house during the COVID-19 pandemic?

    Selling a house should always be based on a number of factors, particularly with regard to your family’s health and financial situation. But to cut to the chase: Yes, you can still sell a home during the coronavirus pandemic, particularly now that states are beginning to reopen.

    In most markets, inventories are low and prices are high—which means you can still make a profitable sale.

    Now’s a great time to sell.  With low inventory and high buyer interest, many homes are selling very quickly—within days or hours in some cases. Interest rates are also low, and there’s serious pent-up demand for homes, especially in lower price ranges.

    Is it safe to sell your home during such an outbreak?

    Selling your home during a pandemic means extra precautions.
    Selling your home during a pandemic means extra precautions.Siriporn Carrelli/Getty Images

    You might be asking yourself if it’s safe to go through the traditional home showing and selling process. Assuming your family members are all in good health, there are several precautions your real estate agent can take to safely show your home to interested buyers.

    Realtors are doing showings, but with safety in mind.

    That means no overlapping showings, no children in the house, masks on, shoes off, and hand sanitizer at the door. She also recommends people leave all of their lights on and doors open (even for closets), since this translates into fewer surfaces being touched.

    Are houses even selling now?

    Yes! The fact is that people still need to move, pandemic or no pandemic.

    Houses are definitely selling now says and in this market there are even many multiple-offer situations.

    The key to these kinds of numbers seems to be in the inventory: Markets with low inventory are seeing houses sold quickly. As always, we’d recommend chatting with a local real estate agent to get the pulse on exactly how your market is performing.

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